“Stitch your wounds with me, wrap yourself, swallow me.
I shall string you with cosmos and light and space
Until you declare yourself finished and complete.
Leave yourself wholly, and enter us, passing away
Into a cloud of light, belonging and rest,
That is the home of our loving.”
(excerpt from “Le Petit Mort”, Lucid Spirit House, Amelia Borealis)

©  Copyright Amelia Borealis 2012

I was a professional singer when I became a young widow suddenly in November 2011. While I couldn’t draw a breath, I began to read.

The more I read, the more I learned, the more I processed. I grew in the years that became the season of my grief, and my purpose in life changed from one centered on a western definition of success to a more holistic understanding that the purpose is in each moment. My message turned from one of grief and searching to one of hope, and illumination.

I have decided to share my story because I know so many people who are suffering, grieving, feeling alienated and alone as I did. I want to reach out with a message of unity and compassion, to tell the story of a life re-imagined, in the hopes that it can help other people to find their own paths to a happier lifetime.

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