Anamorphosis is the second book of poems in a series of experiences after a tragic loss. Composed over the second year of life-after-death, it deals with reconciliation, childhood, love, suffering and longing.

I want to remember you, write in your honor,
Tell how extraordinarily your gentleness fell
like a white cotton sheet, like a soft game of shelter
Over those who beheld your radiance
Like sunlight, like magic, like an unimaginable surprise.
I want to say how your large, round, golden eyes
Had a captivating spell in them, a song heard
Echoing sweetly from the well of the soul, in which
There is a revitalizing holy water untapped and unrealized.
I want others to know that the sound of your voice at once
teased that bubble of a laugh to surface, ecstatically to the lips
of witnesses, for pure delight at the kindness in it,
I want to share the impossible euphoria of your touch,
As though your skin contained some Godspark,
Some immeasurably small electric current
That was love, the energy of sublime joy, of compassion.
I want everyone to know you, to experience that blessing
Of making your acquaintance, of sensing the tickle
Of felicity which radiated like a delicious secret all about your wake.
I could make a great résumé of your life in a few words –
Words only God knows, important words,
Words spoken at the beginning when creation was perfect,
When God was moving on the face of the waters
And He dreamed, in a jubilant streak of lightning,
Of you.