Lucid Spirit House is the third collection of poems, and deals with existential topics such as the mystery of a body, suicide, infatuation, and love.

My dear, for years I could not taste the wine.
I felt for my life with my fingertips, imprisoned in it:
A dark dwelling, a whistling void without a whif of desire.
Night rolled injured at my feet, struck by the unexpected
Repellent force of a sonoluminescent bereavement.
But I saw how you gazed at me, from the instant
god commanded you look upon my face. Your mouth was open,
Your eyes wide and staring, like lunar twins in your olive face;
You flapped forth like vermilion silk on a beach breath, before me.
You shone at me from where I had concealed myself in shadows,
Obstinately you persisted, even as I declined to emerge.
Why did you do that to me? You were the only one whose hand,
Offered urgently over the cliff-edge, was one I wanted to take.
And when you lifted me up, my heart was stretched open.
“Come.” You said. (Had no one else said it?) and I followed you.
And some days my feet along the earth sing a song of grace
From a holy land I do not know; from the soil where you rose up
Like Polaris, and leaned your face very close to my parted lips
To teach me something I can learn by heart –
And your arms folded ’round me are beatitudes,
And your song dances like redemption in my soul.